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Support in birth


Let me guess...

You've spent hours researching birth topics, but the more you learn the more confused you become about what is the best choice for your birth. There are success and horror stories on both sides of every option so how do you know which choices will give you the birth you know you can have?

I get it

There is no question in your mind that if you had the right information and tools you could have a comfortable birth. The struggle is sorting through all that information while also coping with your swiftly changing body and meeting the rest of life's obligations. 

I see you

You deserve to have the information at your fingertips and to have a plan that's unique to you, so you can instead focus on preparing your amazing body for birth. 

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Before my first birth I was cautiously optimistic that I could have an easy, straightforward birth. Labor started out smooth but my progress stalled and I felt helpless as to how to move forward. My confidence was shaken and I couldn't talk about my birth for weeks after. I was proud I had met my birth goal, but I was still scared of feeling the same pain and loss of control in my next birth. 


During my second pregnancy this fear stayed with me. I wanted this birth to be positive and pain free but I didn’t know whether I could have that for THIS birth. After meeting with a childbirth educator who validated my experience, and talking continually with my husband, I started to believe the birth I wanted was possible.


When I allowed the idea to take hold that I could have a comfortable birth now, a fire lit in me. I processed my fears and worked on believing I could have the birth I wanted. Although my 2nd child was 2 pounds bigger than my other children, I still consider it to be my smoothest birth. Once I experienced how powerful a birth could be I knew I wanted to help others achieve the same.

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Birth prep checklist in Utah

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Are you doing everything you need to prepare for your birth?

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As first time parents, my husband and I decided to hire a doula for pregnancy and labor/delivery. We live far away from family and thought a doula could be helpful with navigating this new part of life. Erin exceeded our expectations! She guided us through every question, concern, idea, thought, etc and made us feel very comfortable and knowledgable in preparation for birth! We had a whirlwind of a birth story and we are so glad Erin was a part of it! Even though we technically hired her for pregnancy, prep, labor and delivery, she is still always happy to communicate with us and she continues to ease my mind almost weekly through anxiety-filled first time mom texts! Erin is the best!!  

Mallory P., first time mom

Is Born to Birth right for you?

Are you ready for your learning to serve you rather than spinning out in overwhelm?  

Do you need encouragement that your body can really do it? 

Are you wanting to learn more about your body and are willing to take steps to prepare now? 

Do you want to feel empowered to make your own decisions? 

Does your partner want to support you more fully? 

Basic Doula Package


2 Prenatal Home Visits

On Call from 38 weeks-Delivery

Labor Support (non-medical)

Post-Natal Visit(s)

Mind + Body Package


Basic Doula Package, plus

Reiki Sessions 


Body Ready Assessment

Family Prep Package


Mind + Body Package, plus

Older Sibling Prep 


Baby Massage Training

  • Sibling Doula

  • Sibling Preparation

  • Reiki

  • Body Ready Method Assessment + Exercises

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Birth Photography/Videography

  • Bengkung Belly Binding

  • Moxibustion for Breech Presentation

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Will I still have intimacy with my partner?

Adding another support person can actually increase connection with your partner. A doula can meet the basic needs of both you and your partner so your partner can give you their full attention. 

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I don't know if I can afford a doula.

Statistics show that having a doula present significantly reduces interventions. Without a doula you are more likely to pay for the cost of interventions, a c-section, formula, and more. 

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What if another client goes into labor at the same time as me?

I only take 2-3 clients a month and I always have a backup doula who you can meet before in case something unexpected happens and I can't attend your entire birth. 

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