Newborn exam with Utah doula

Born to Birth

Erin Yates, Doula

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."

                   -Marie Mongan

                                 Founder, Hypnobirthing International 

Birth is a natural, normal process. It can be peaceful, comfortable, and empowering. As you build confidence in yourself through knowledge, practice, relaxation, and intuition, you can learn to birth fearlessly.

Utah doula holding baby in lap
Davis County doula holding baby

Have the birth you want.

I can help you do it.

Home Visits

Prenatal and postnatal visits to prepare you and your family for birth & baby, and to ease the transition home.

Birth Doula

Emotional, physical, and mental support during labor for mom, partner, and children.


Individualized sessions including infant massage, sibling transition, birth processing, and more.


"I absolutely loved working with Erin! She is so knowledgeable and supportive. This was my third birth and my first unmedicated. I was nervous because I was being induced, but Erin helped me stay confident and kept me going. She was fantastic at staying in touch and answering questions. I'm so glad I had Erin as my doula!"

Carlie D., mother of 3 

I am so glad I [had a doula]. Having that support there for me was amazing. Erin made me feel like we were friends. Counterpressures were one of my saving graces during labor and she was great at reading me and jumping in exactly when she needed to. I will definitely be using her for our next baby and would recommend her to any of my friends and family.

Courtney W., first time mom

Hiring Erin gave me the confidence to have my third baby without an epidural, something I wouldn't have attempted without her support. Erin was a pillar of calm during the stress of an unexpected change in hospitals in the last week of pregnancy. Her preparation and expertise helped me stay in control when labor proceeded way faster than I anticipated. We loved working with Erin and my husband and I consider this our best birth experience yet!

Emily M., mother of 3

We loved working with Erin! She helped calm and ease my fears and empowered me. I also appreciated how much she helped my husband prepare to be the best coach. Erin prepared us for all of the outcomes. I felt like I could make smart choices based on what she taught us. I would recommend Erin to anyone looking for a partner and educator in their birth journey!

Brittney L., first time mom