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I want women to know the strength of their own body and the confidence that can come from a fearless birth

My Birth Story

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My birth journey started when I decided to have an unmedicated birth with my first baby. Hypnobirthing classes opened my eyes to the beautiful, calm birth that was available to all mothers. I learned that birth didn't have to be scary or painful. I dove into learning, reading, and practicing for the birth I wanted. When the time came, my labor was going well until I felt pressured to speed up the process. I decided to have my membranes artifically ruptured, after which coping with the contractions became incredibly difficult and I felt like my plan was falling apart. My labor was long and felt difficult and scary, but when Lily was born the joy and sense of empowerment I gained was far beyond what I could have imagined. I knew I would love my baby, but I had no idea how amazing my body was. 

Although my first birth was a positive experience, I still carried some fear into my second pregnancy. With the help of a loving and listening professional birth educator, I processed my first birth and regained the confidence I needed that I could have a pain-free birth. The second birth could not have gone more smoothly. I was honestly surprised at how different this experience was from the first. A comfortable environment, supportive and patient midwives, and an intense focus on my relaxation and positive-mindset skills resulted in a fast, pain-free delivery of a 9 lb baby boy. After Oliver's birth, I realized the power of a trained support person and my dream to help other women in birth was born. 


My third labor, unmedicated like the two before it, was not as straightforward. I would still describe it as comfortable and without pain, but we didn't realize the baby was facing anterior until I was dilated to 8 cm. His position caused my contractions to change and my labor to stall (isn't it amazing that your body knows something isn't right?). Once we realized he was out of position, I changed my body position to help him turn and within a few minutes he was born! I'm so thankful for my attentive and patient midwife who prioritized my birth plan and well-being. A year and a half after Grant's birth I decided to become a birth doula. My training has fueled my passion for the incredible birth process, the indescribable strength of a woman's body, and my desire to help women have the birth they want!

My Background

Worked as a social service worker for 5 years

Completed DONA training, working toward doula certification

Trained in safe baby massage

Member of Utah Doula Association

Mother of 3