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Additional doula services

Each mom and family is unique in their needs and wants before, during, and after a birth. For this reason I offer different types of services that can be used individually or combined to best fit you. These visits can be done at your home or virtually based on your situation and location.

Birth doula services in Utah

Full doula services include 2 prenatal visits, on-call access at the end of pregnancy, support during labor and birth, and at least one postnatal visit. Not everyone wants or needs full doula services, but can still benefit from other birth services.

Consultation Visits

At the end of my second pregnancy I gained a lot from an in-home consultation when I was unable to have a doula attend my birth. I was able to process my first birth, prepare for my second, and gain tools for how to prepare my older child. Due to this benefit I wanted to provide similar services.

Consultation visits can be used to release fear about your upcoming birth or experiences from previous births. It can be used for basic labor and birth education while practicing techniques through a mock labor. Consultations can also include areas I cover in a regular doula prenatal visit: comfort and pain relief techniques such as counterpressure, exercises to get your baby in the optimal position for birth, and breastfeeding information.

Regular consultation visits last 1 to 1.5 hours, but can be flexible based on if you want to include a more than one of the items discussed above. This can be completed in one session, or multiple sessions, if necessary.

Sibling Prep

Adding a new child to the home changes the family dynamics. Each child(ren) experiences a wide range of emotions as they learn to share attention and adapt to a new schedule. Every child also responds differently to a new sibling. There is no right or wrong way for a child to react, but there is a lot you can do to help them prepare for the changes.

I will discuss directly with your child(ren) what changes may occur and what babies can and cannot do. I can also teach related behavioral skills such as Following Instructions, Accepting a “No” Answer, and Calming Down Appropriately based on behaviors your child struggles with.

Sibling doula support in Utah

Children also need to learn how to appropriately interact with a newborn. We will practice how to care for a newborn with hands-on practice with a doll or stuffed animal that will remain in your home. This should be practiced after the visit until the baby arrives.

I also help you and your child put together a breastfeeding box. A breastfeeding box includes activities that your child can do while you are caring for your newborn, and should only be used while breastfeeding. I will provide initial supplies and the box, and you and your child can add anything else you want. If desired, you can also set up rules and a general routine for when you are breastfeeding.

*I also provide sibling doula services during labor if you want your child(ren) to attend the birth. Routine doula services provide support to mom and partner during labor, but if your children will be present it is also helpful to have a doula focused solely on supporting your children.

Baby Massage

Infant massage encourages positive interaction and touch with your new baby. It helps your baby relax and sleep better. It can calm crying and pain associated with teething. Infant massage also stimulates healthy hormones for weight gain and stress reduction, plus improves the overall functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Baby massage can be introduced a few weeks after your baby is born. A visit focused on learning baby massage can be done before or after your baby’s birth. It is a good service to add-on to any of the other services.

Baby massage training in Utah

You will learn safe baby massage techniques and how to build a positive touch rapport with your baby. You will also learn how to create the optimal environment for massage and how to read your baby’s mood and cues for the best time to do massage. I will also provide a recommended supply list to use with each massage.

The services you receive for you and your baby should be as flexible as you need. YOU know what is best for you and can guide the support process. I can assist in helping build the best plan for you. For additional information on my services visit my services page on the Born to Birth website, or contact me directly.


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